About Us

SYMPHONIA is the music website of Shu Ishiguro, the owner of Studio SYMPHONIA in Tokyo, Japan. I compose independently, but work with a variety of talented performers to create music. The owner usually works in light music and video music. We aim for the quality that can be used in theatrical productions, various presentations, and video works.

The number of people starting Youtube is increasing rapidly, and the demand for royalty-free music seems to be growing rapidly. I’m working on it in between jobs, so I’m adding to it little by little. The quantity is still small, but we will continue to release the carefully composed songs to improve the quality of our users’ works. We hope you will support us for a long time.

Also, please subscribe to our Youtube channel when you use it. I will be presenting my work mainly on Youtube. If you want to listen to the music, watch it on Youtube along with the video. I get motivated when my videos get more views.